Malaga 2 Bowls Pairs.

As the name suggests this competition is a Pairs Competition where the players each have only two bowls. A Knockout competition where each match is contested over 18 ends. It has been played on an irregular basis until recent years.
Below is the list of previous winners.

Year Ladies   Year Men's
2021 Barbara Land, Mary Dethridge 2021 Juan Abeal, Manolo Suarez
2020 Linda Hall, Dine Warn 2020 Jeff Rowe, Nick Cummins
2019 Eleanor Morgan, Wendy Pemberton 2019 Steve Ward, John Wilson
2018  Dine Warn, Linda Hall  2018 Tom Rogers, Bill Gregory 
2016 Margaret Bicknell, Sandra Kelly  2016 Don Smith, Frank Ball  
2014  Jeannie Cooper, Wendy Pemberton  2014 Terry Groom. Chris Cooper 
2013 Mary Detheridge, Lynne Heseltine  2013 Sandie Guthrie, Dennis King  
2011 Barbara Land, Geraldine Robinson     
2010 Barbara Land, Geraldine Robinson     
2007 Dorrien Ives, Susan Walker     
2006 Lynda Hall, Eileen Bone    
2005 Christine Sims, Marjorie Johns    
2004 Pat Wright, Erica Hooper     
2003 Pat Fisher, Isabel Neilson     
2002 Maureen Barker, Brenda Davidson     
2001 Joan Whitton, Daphne Steel     
2000 Jan McManus, Kate Morris     
1999 Patricia Young, Harriet Foxwell     
1998 Pat Fisher, Audrey Curtis      
1997 Evelyne Aston, Alma Holmes      
1996 Freda Parker, Pat Dance