The Málaga Committee.

The Federación Andaluza de Bolos is the Governing body for all Bowls related sports in the Andalucia region of Spain.
Here in Málaga, the Lawn Bowls organisational and controlling body is the Málaga Delegation Committee.
Our purpose is to act as administrative facilitators and provide a focal point for the Clubs to come together and make decisions on all matters of Lawn Bowls in the Málaga Province.
We disseminate all information relevant to the smooth running of our Sport, regulate Competitions following the rules agreed by the Clubs and act as a clearing house.
Under our umbrella we also have Umpires, Coaching and Equipo Provincial de Málaga (the Provincial Representative Team).

Formally the Committee is Chaired by the Málaga Delegado, who is appointed by the Presidente of the The Federación Andaluza de Bolos. The Delegado reports to the President and the Vice-President for Lawn Bowls in Andalucia who is also appointed by the President. Here in Málaga, however, we hold annual elections for all Committee posts.

The current (2020/2021) Committee is as follows:

  • Chairman and Delegado - Ron Jones (Lauro Golf Bowls Club)
  • Treasurer - Julian Thomas (Lauro Golf Bowls Club)
  • Secretary - Bill Neal (Mijas Bowls Club)
  • Federation Match Secretary - Robert Wright (Miraflores Bowls Club)
  • Umpires' Chairman - Gordon Adams (Benavista Bowls Club)
  • Equipo Málaga Manager - David Mainwaring (Non-Affiliated)
  • Coaching Convener - Margaret Kain (Santa Maria Bowls Club)
  • Press Secretary - Vacant
  • Sponsorship Officer - Vacant

  • Non-Committee Appointments:
  • Membership Secretary - Julian Thomas (Lauro Golf Bowls Club)
  • League Co-ordinator - David Mainwaring (Non-Affiliated)
  • In addition each Club is asked to elect / appoint their own Club Representative. This Club Representative is charged with attending meetings, putting forward the views of their Club Members during discussions and voting on any decisions made.