The Lions League.

Each Club can enter ONE team and plays a home and away fixture with every other team in the League. This year there are 8 Clubs.
Each Team consists of 4 rinks of Triples. Scoring is 2 points for each triple who wins, 1 point for a drawn game and a further 2 points for the overall Match score winners with again 1 point for a draw, giving a total of 10 points to play for in each Match. Each Team plays every other Team, home and away over a full season.
Results and League Table can be viewed HERE

Following Benalmadena's decision not to field a team in the Lion's League, the fixture list has been amended to include a BYE for each of their former fixtures.

  TEAM 25-Oct 01-Nov 08-Nov 015-Nov 22-Nov 29-Nov 06-Dec  
1 Lauro Lions 8H 7A 6H 5A 4H BYE 2H  
2 La Posada Braves 7H 6A 5H 4A BYE 8A 1A  
3 Benalmadena Hawks W/D 6H 5A 4H 8A 2A 1H 7A  
4 Benavista Leopards 5H 8A BYE 2H 1A 7H 6A  
5 Mijas Apaches 4A BYE 2A 1H 7A 6H 8H  
6 Saydo Bees BYE 2H 1A 7H 8H 5A 4H  
7 Santa Maria Pirates 2A 1H 8H 6A 5H 4A BYE  
8 Miraflores Hurricanes 1A 4H 7A BYE 6A 2H 5A  
  WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
  TEAM 10-Jan 17-Jan 24-Jan 31-Jan 07-Feb 14-Feb 21-Feb 28-Feb
1 Lauro Lions 8A 7H BYE 6A 5H 4A BYE 2A
2 La Posada Braves 7A 6H BYE 5A 4H BYE 8H 1H
3 Benalmadena Hawks 6A 5H BYE 4A 8H 2H 1A 7H
4 Benavista Leopards 5A 8H BYE BYE 2A 1H 7A 6H
5 Mijas Apaches 4H BYE BYE 2H 1A 7H 6A 8A
6 Saydo Bees BYE 2A BYE 1H 7A 8A 5H 4A
7 Santa Maria Pirates 2H 1A BYE 8A 6H 5A 4H BYE
8 Miraflores Hurricanes 1H 4A BYE 7H BYE 6H 2A 5H
  WEEK 8 9   10 11 12 13 14